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I'm Decat and I'm helping Vuokko with the List!
Updated at 30 december 2012, with links sended by Decat :)

As I found out this community have new members it's time to work on this list. You may find stuff you already saw before, but the important thing it's to keep links updated, so if you find some broken, write a comment :)
 Thanks to
yandereplum for the help! ♥


Livejournal says the List is too big for one post, so I'm putting it over a few posts. this first part is Clothing, Hair, Make-up, accessories, and Sims.

Hogwarts uniforms for all ages by Cloudless Nights
Long robes by Mia86
Quidditch Robes by Lady Darkshine
Dress robes by Cinnamon
Ball dresses by Cinnamon
Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Triwizard third task outfits by Lady Darkshine
Various Harry Potter clothes by nukesitter
Various Harry Potter clothes by Cinnamon
Harry Potter clothes and accessories by Bipsouille (under Themes/Harry Potter)
Harry Potter clothes and accessories by Bipsouille (MTS account) Bipsouille has Beauxbatons uniforms and hats, and Lucius Malfoy’s cane, among other things!
Black Planet warlock outfit by Aikea-Guinea
Recolours and default of Black Planet Warlock outfit by Epiphany
Witch Default outfits by Ja (Matches Black Planet warlock outfits)
Child witch and warlock conversions by Ghanima
Child vampire outfits conversion by Ghanima
Witch Dresses by Sherahbim
More Witch Dresses by Sherabim
Wizard Robes by Sherahbim
Witch and Wizard clothing by Serena Moonstone
Default of Serena Moonstone’s witch dresses by Epiphany
Long witch dresses by Almighty Hat
Long witch dresses- child and teen conversions and default replacements by Cynnix and Morganna
Fairy dresses by Frankscrank
Grey school uniforms for Hogwarts by hoshi at stupifiedsims-requires registration to view and download
Gryffindor/Slytherin sleepwear by rebecca-m (requires B&K stuff) (for teen males)
Ephaba and Glinda clothes from Wicked by dgandy - requires registration to download
Ephaba and Glinda clothes from Wicked teen conversions by Bloom
Cackle's academy uniform by Decat
Maxis Warlock outfit for females (Find by Decat)
Warlock oufit as default for witches (Find by Decat)
Witches dresses by Skell for CF
Witches dresses by Skell for toddlers
Vampire/Witch dress by Skell for AF
Plantsim dress for AF by Skell

Granger danger hair by Sevenskellington
Hermione hair by Trapping
Bellatrix hair by Wicked sims
Lolita Sims 3to2 hair-I think this hair it's proper for a witch
Elphaba and Glinda hair and hats from Wicked by dgandy- requires registration to download
Warlock and witch AL hair hats for toddler and childrens by Trapping

Accessories and Makeup:
AL witch hat as accessory by Epiphany
Recolours of witch hat accessory by YanderePlum
Harry Potter scar by westboundsign
Harry Potter clothes and accessories by Bipsouille (under Themes/Harry Potter)
Harry Potter clothes and accessories by Bipsouille (MTS account) Bipsouille has Beauxbaton uniforms and hats, and Lucius malfoy’s cane, among other things!
Bipsouille witch hat recolors by Stevie
Hogwarts scarves v.1 by daisila
Hogwarts scarves v.2 by daisila
Hogwarts scarves v.3 by daisila
Hogwarts scarves v.4 by daisila
Hogwarts scarves v.5 by daisila
Luna Lovegood's earings by Trissle ♥
The one who must not be named's wand by Liamissooooocool
Hogwarts scarves by Trissle
Death eater masks by Chiarina
Slytherin's locket by Cloudlessnights
Witch Hat kids through elders by Gelydh (Don't forget to get the mesh!)
Magic staff set by daislia
Rosesims magic accessories- go to Sims2-> Magic
Cloak accessory by genralzoi
Elphaba and Glinda accessories from Wicked by dgandy- requires registration to download
Witch hat as accesory by HermixFox (Thank you Decat!)

Severus Snape by UdontKnow
Hermione Granger by UdontKnow
Lord Voldemort by UdontKnow
MTS has MANY Harry Potter characters
Bellatrix Lestrange by Pyres
Tom Marvolo Riddle by Camy
Pansy Parkinson, Luna Lovegood and Narcissa Malfoy by gasmasquerade
Glinda and Elphaba (from Wicked) by Ghanima
Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick and Agnes Nitt (From Discworld) by Fainiel

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Hi there! I updated few things in clothes and in objects. I can't remember if I saw anything else magic around, I know I saw something but I can't remember where (that the simblr problem!) So, If you want to contribute with some find, you can comment here or send me a pm at my Simblr and I'll update this with the credit for the find :)
 Also, I'm about to give it a new look to the journal, and it would be lovely a new banner, they are very welcomed!
 Happy simming!

Part 4 list

If you haven't checked this DW, you must do it now!

Hello :) I haven't uploaded in this days, I haven't find anything specifically magic but! I found many useful things here I found replacement for homework, so they will look like old Hogwarts school, you don't play a Harry Potter theme hood? well, it will look lovely anyway :) And many things like clothes, hairs, and other useful replacements, I will add all the stuff separately in the list, when I get ride of some stuff :P
 I have nothing to say but, check that DW now!

Happy simming ♥
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Updated List Part 2

Part 2 is Objects:

Harry Potter Objects:
Harry Potter conversions by Apollo
Animated Sirius Black poster by boblishman
Potter bears and DA poster by Cloudlessnights
Stack of Galleons by daislia
Hogwarts paintings by daislia
Three headed dog (cerebus) as deco by daislia
Hogwarts portraits (recolours of Lady in red) by Decat
Quibbler and Weasleys games rack recolours by Decat- I highly recomend this!
Hogwarts banners by Decat
Hogwarts clothes, scarves and ties as clutter by hoshi at stupefied sims- requires registration to view and download
Book recolours including Hogwarts textbooks and beedle the bard by hoshi at stupifiedsims- requires registration to view and download
Hogwarts banners by hoshi at stupifiedsims- requires registration to view and download
Readable Harry Potter books by lientebollemeis
Hogwarts house flags banners, garlands, and shields by Lime-love
Floating candles by Lorelly
Owl pet by Nyami
Tribble pet by Phaenoh - makes a good pygmy puff
Harry Potter posters by Simgaroop
Hogwarts trunk dressers by StephSim
Hogwarts books and cushions by vintagecat
Quidditch, Butterbeer and owl posters by vuokkosims
Conversions from Harry Potter games by Yolarturt
Umbridge’s Desk set by Yolarturt
Harry Potter bed by Yolarturt
Hogwarts Urn by Yolarturt
Hogwarts Light by Yolarturt
Hogwarts portraits
Quidditch hoops by Lorelly
Nimbus 2000 and 2001 brooms (sit on) by Lorelly
Any length table for Hogwarts' great hall by gromit
The Noble House of Black tapestry by CHeliz278
Hogwarts Trunks-Decorative and functional versions by Decat

Maxis Matching Witch Stuff:
Sweet herbs witch clutter by Amaryll
Eclectic minutiae extracted witch clutter by Azaya
Supernatural nursery sets by Spookie (Chimerical)- the witch set Includes a cauldron toybox, wand and book toys, and a witch lamp! 
Spellbook and potion jars deco, death flower and cauldron flowers by Spookie (Chimerical)
Spellbooks and potion bottles by Chimerical
AL witch/warlock hats and extracted brooms as clutter by Decat
Claws of Darkness sets by Simaddict 99 (via booty)
Simslice Witchery set- broom thrones and reagent staffs- via booty
Remote control vampire bat Simwardrobe- under Sims 2-> objects-> R/C vehicles
Witch and warlock boots as deco by Sunni
Beginner broom and witchery wand toys by Wideopeneyes (via booty)
Witch Cauldron and Pedastal as clutter by dark_moon
Medieval Tables matching Maxis table by Ailias
Medieval furniture matching Maxis set by Ailias
Single four poster bed by CTNutmegger- great for Hogwarts dorms
OFB armour outfit as object by Decat (great to decorate your dungeons!)
The fourth element completer set by The Ninth Wave (works with Decat recolours, above)
Blacksmith crafting station and suit of armour servo by Phaenoh

Sims Medieval and Sims 3 conversions:
Sims Medieval conversions by Chimerical (LOTS of Deco!)
Sims Medieval bookshelves and deco converted by Clutter-a-holic
Sims Medieval Deco crafting tables converted by Clutter-a-holic
TS3 Supernatural objects by Decat
Medieval books recolours of Eaxis shelves by Decat
Dragon toy by Decat
Sims Medieval Sculptures converted by Evanesco- includes Dragons, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Gargoyles
Medieval furniture matching Maxis set by HugeLunatic
Unicorn statue by jennisims
Crystal ball TV by The Ninth Wave
Sims Medieval Dragon skeleton converted by The Ninth Wave
Potions deco converted by Zeussims
Medieval and fantasy deco converted by Zeussims

Gothique furniture and various other TS3 conversions by delonariel
Gothique set TS3 conversion by delonariel
Gothique clock and spider from TS3 by delonariel
Gothique spider with alternative base by delonariel
Gothique clutter by delonariel
TS3 Supernatural Dark luxe set converted by delonariel (Great to build some Death eater house)
Functional TS3 steampunk telescope by Eva
Vampire teddy bear by Fanseelamb (TS3 Supernatural Conversion)
Moondial and Phrenology bust converted from TS3 Supernatural by Hcove
Awesome victorian lamps from TS3
TS3 supernatural fairy houses converted by Hcove
TS3 Supernatural conversions by jennisims
TS3 supernatural oddity jars converted by Jessy
TS3 supernatural oddity jars converted by The Ninth Wave
TS3 Magic Set converted by Zeussims
Gothic items converted from TS3 Supernatural by Zeussims
Sims 3 supernatural conversions by Zeusims
Gothique Library set converted from TS3 Supernatural by Zeussims
Gothique mansion with converted TS3 objects by Zeussims
TS3 Supernatural teddy bears converted by Sims99Fanatic
TS3 Dragon Valley Conversions by hafiseazale

Other useful things:
Sorcerer's Study book computers by Heget
Sorcerer's Study scoll computer by Heget
Scroll table phone by HystericalParoxysm
Painting TV by Numenor
Crystal ball PC by Xanathon
Castle Dollhouse by Maylin
Ridable broom by Rebecah
SimMacFly potion- makes your sims fly by MajorJeff
Broom to use with SimMacFly potion by Bipsouille
Panacea potions by Kate at Parsimonius
Rustic phone box cover by Kate at Parsimonious
Woodcutter’s kitchen by Kate at Parsimonious- bell smoke alarm, wooden fridge
Woodcutter’s kitchen recolours by Michelle
Oggs and ends witches’ study Kate at Parsimonious
Parsimonious Oggs and ends White witchery recolour by amythestfenix
Rizzales Apothecary set by Kate at Parsimonius
Tents By Kate at Parsimonius (an idea, you can make Quidditch world cup!)
Alansias tourist information set by Kate at Parsimonius- Lot of poison bottles, and good stuff for shops
Simlish Lord Of The Rings posters by Alleliua
Mystic living room by Around the Sims 2
Quills and Inkpots by Cynnix
Twisted tale set by daislia (I thought it would look nice in any magic lot)
Twisted tale set 2 by daislia
Silk road set by daislia
Tian long objects by daislia
Deco dragon by Eva
Mitarasisims TS3 magic set converted by jessy
“Fairy tale” miniature village deco by katvip
“Fairy tale” set as Fantasy/medieval dollhouses, deco toys and replacement dolls
Wizard study, alchemy lab, divination deco, occult shop, witches parlour sets by Lethe_s
Witches potions by obehave
Alchemist’s lab by retailsims
Oblivion deco conversions by Legislacerator
Celestial awning from TS1 Makin Magic by Dea Ex Machina

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Updated List part 3

Part 3 is Build mode, lots and neighbourhoods, mods and default replacements, and other resources.

Build Mode:
2 storey “out of the dark ages” medieval windows by Moon_Ez
Sims Store Castle set matching walls by paigeturnersims
Sims Store Castle set matching walls part 2 by paigeturnersims
Lady and the unicorn tapestry for Gryffindor common room by Decat
Fat lady Gryffindor door (animated!) by boblishman
Quidditch pitch wallpapers by jester_bex
Useful buy and build stuff by Mia86
Fairytale build set by Kate at Parsimonius
Secret Door - Sliding bookcase by boblishman
Black family tree tapestry by daislia

Lots and Neighbourhoods:
Various lots at MTS
Hogsmeade and Hogwarts neighbourhood terrain by GLachaille
Hogsmeade way residential lot by vuokkosims
Godric’s hollow  neighbourhood terrain by GLachaille
Kinda Diagon Alley lot by vuokkosims
Gothique library lot by Zeussims

Mods and Default Replacements:
Sim transformer by Treeag - turn into a witch instantly (also other supernaturals)-
AL witch lighting made Buyable by sims2germany  
Harry potter townie names default by Trissle
All spells unlocked mod by Squinge
Normal witch skin replacement by HystericalParoxysm
No skin overlay for witches (Useful to avoid that ugly green skin!)-MATY
Less obnoxious green skin for witches by phaenoh
All brooms and wands neutral, No wands by enrico palazzo
No magic aura for witches by [Black_Spirit]
No witch name modifications by [Black_Spirit]
Careers and mayors at MTS
Buyable reagents by Neder
Book of talent by Treeag- (To have all magical powers with a little help from a magical book ;) )
Witch hats enabled for outerwear by Neder
No reagents needed for spells by Treeag
AL Witch things in buy mode
AL witch outfits unlocked by TashaFaun
Bonehilda as servo by sentate
Bonehilda as spectral assistant by almighty hat
Parsimonius panacea potions as defaults by Ove
No witch idles by poifectly_poiple (no witch Idle animations)
No witch NPCs by Neder Really useful to avoid the annoying rain and the light that make slow computers!Daily prophet default replacement for newspaper by kopple36
TS3 supernatural brooms and wands as default replacements by Decat

Other Resources:
Sims Wiki content lists-fantasy
Garden of Shadows magic and fantasy theme 2011
Garden of Shadows magic and fantasy theme 2012
WCIF Sims Harry Potter finds
WCIF Sims Witch defaults finds
WCIF Sims Fairytale finds
TSM conversion list
Plumb bob keep- medieval stuff and TSM conversions
Sims Store Castle set
Sims Store Spooky Set
Hat Plays Sims medieval resource list
The Harry Potter project at MTS- The Pensive, Weasley clock and more
The Dark project at MTS(tons of clothes, objects and build stuff since medieval to Victorian)

Ravenclaw studing

TS3 supernatural brooms and wands replace TS2's orginals, by Decat!

Oh yes! I'm bursting in joy, since I saw the brooms and wands supernatural had, I always wanted them for my wizards, because those fairytales wands and brooms are ugly. And Decat made this possible here check the post at GOS, and give your wizards brand new wands and brooms ♥
Charlotte thinking

Hello again!

I make this post to say thanks to Decat who is giving a help to this resource and community :) and -again- if you want to join as administrator just leave a comment, the *magic* doors of this community are open for everyone who want to lean a hand!